about this collection of words

I’m reading Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.

I’m exactly half way through the book, so page number 144.

Aside from about two words and some British lingo that pops up every once in a while, I wouldn’t say that there’s anything rather difficult in this book. The British lingo isn’t even much of an issue because I can gather what Ishiguro is saying by using context clues.

I don’t love the book as of right now, but it’s good in a couple of places. I’m just more of a romance/heartbreak kind of person and with that being said, I’m ready for the heartbreaking section to happen already… TIME better not be lying to me.

I like to think that Kathy is eventually going to get together with Tommy and that the heartbreaking moment is going to be one of them giving their final donation that ends up taking their life. I get that that sounds a little messed up, but for some odd reason I find that kind of stuff interesting.


to be or not to be…androids

Transhumanism is the idea of merging people with technology to enhance human capabilities and surpass limitations in basically every sense.

This makes me think of COD: Black Ops 3 because it’s about transhumanism in warfare. While some things are just external devices, others are mechanisms inside of their bodies or are just limbs that have been replaced by technology. Regardless of how they are connected to a person, they still surpass ‘normal’ human abilities.

Some positive potential in transhumanist practice would be artificial limbs that can actually be used.

Some negative potential in transhumanism would be getting so fond of our enhancements that we would continually seek out new or better things to replace the parts of ourselves that physically makes us human, because we are physically limited. Eventually we may end up being more mechanical than flesh and bone. I also think that at one point, we’ll find ourselves crossing the Rubicon with this, in the sense that we will get so advanced and ahead of ourselves, that we will create something that can over power us or think for itself and enslave the human race.

I think there should be a team or committee that decides what is scientifically ethical. The team being a group made up of people who are strong in their belief that transhumanism is the best way to move forward in the world, people who are extremely against the idea of man merging with machines, as well as a set of neutral people to try to keep peace amongst the opposing sides, all of whom are selected and voted on through a series of elections held for the open public. They should base their decisions on whether or not their creations, or combination of creations, still leaves the person in control of their thoughts and actions, and so long as these additions to their person still leaves them human. Human being whatever the committee and society agree an appropriate and acceptable definition of human is.