what the internet said about me

My personality type is ISFJ. ISFJ’s tend to place a strong emphasis on conventional behavior.

Some writing habits include writing a good chunk of a paper in my head, writing best when given detailed instructions, writing unorganized papers, and beginning writing when there’s a deadline for an assignment.

I don’t agree with the statement “Focus on their audience and the impact of their writing.” or “Engages in prewriting activities such as outlines.”Because I focus more on just getting the assignment done. I only do prewriting activities when they are required and even then, I make one after the paper is completed. I just pull sentences from the paper and call it a day. I do, however, agree with the statement “Needs a quiet place to complete writing tasks.” Because I most definitely need silence to keep my thoughts straight and concentrate.

One strength I have in writing is finding quotes or sentences that I like and being able to write an entire paper around them. One area of improvement would either be starting papers more than 3 hours before the deadline or just getting myself to stick to one topic throughout the paper instead of changing it half way through and having to rewrite the other half later on. My lack of concentration skills plays a good part in my poor writing abilities.


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